Get 365 days of mapped-out posts to help you become a local legend. 

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Every agent has the same problem

  • You're busy and brilliant sales people, not natural digital marketers.
  • Your day is full of appointments, distractions and calls.
  • You don't know what to post about, or what engagement questions to ask.
  • Whenever you think about social media, another interruption hits.

It's not your fault, but what can you do?

Use the SMS system to supercharge your social channels

Ditch the overwhelm, uncertainty and guilt!

Instead of feeling stressed every day about what to post, the Social Media Supercharger gives you a structured system to plan your content in advance.


With just a few minutes a day you can create engaging posts to delight your existing followers, attract new ones and build long-lasting relationships with local sellers and landlords.

Now you can feel hugely accomplished every day, knowing that your social media is planned to precision and warming up your future clients.


Isn't that something to look forward to?

Build your audience.
Drive engagement.
Turn followers into fans.
Convert them into clients.


4 typical social media mistakes estate agents make

Never-ending streams of new instructions. 

Bragging about themselves with performance charts. 

Filling their feed with external links of borrowed news stories. 

Outsourcing the job and getting boring pages of generic content.

Nobody wants that!  


Your followers want a peak behind the curtain of your day.

They want to see what you're seeing, go where you're going, 
and know who you are.  

But doing it yourself feels like a monumental task and a real time suck.


What you need is a simple toolkit.

That's exactly what you get with the SMS system.

This simple content action plan is designed especially for estate agents and letting agents.

You get a whole year of content prompts and posts so you never have to think about what to say, or how to say it.

With multiple post ideas for every day of the year you can position your estate agency as the most active, approachable and go-to local property expert.

It's a foolproof and fuss-free formula.

  • Step-by-step instructions to show you exactly how to plan your posts
  • Clear directions anyone can follow
  • Customisable property posts to stop wasting time getting stuck for words
  • Engagement questions to drive connections and comments
  • Viral property quotes to encourage shares and build exposure 
  • Local tip templates to put you at the centre of your neighbourhood
  • Property listing templates to post about your homes with style
  • Success story templates to inspire confidence in your agency
  • FAQs to pose, answer and inform 
  • All specially formulated for estate and letting agents
  • Multiple post ideas for every single day
  • A year of content mapped out to get the results you deserve 
  • Never wonder what to post again

All that for £1 per week!


Get instant access now.

Try it risk-free for 60 days.

If you’re not DELIGHTED, just email hello@paultravers.co.uk and I’ll send your money straight back. No questions asked. THERE REALLY IS ZERO RISK!  

Try the SMS system for 60 days and see how you feel. If you don’t see noticeable results, you can have a complete refund. 

January February March Calendar for Estate & Letting Agents

Having a plan for anything makes life so much easier.

But where can you find a social media content planner especially for estate and letting agents?

Right here!

You know the power of social media, but it’s yet more for your to-do list in an already crazy day - with valuations, viewings, sales progression, office management and infinite interruptions, you’re not looking for more tasks!

The SMS System is especially designed for Estate & Letting Agents to make your life easy and to put the fun back into your social media.

Growing your online following can be hugely profitable and now you can supercharge your social media in a matter of just a few minutes.

It's time to ditch the time-wasting posts that no-one responds to. Instead, start communicating and connecting with your potential clients.

April May June January February March Calendar for Estate & Letting Agents

Here's what you get

365 Days of Social Media Content for Estate & Letting Agents

365 Days Of Mapped-Out Content

Value: £147

Completely editable in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel so you can easily customise your calendar to suit your business.

The planner also includes national and international days as well as UK holiday dates for topical content.

30+ Viral Property Quotes 

Value: £67

Everyone loves a quote - they rank among the most popular, shared and commented on posts on social media. Now you’ll have more than 30 in your bank to share with your followers.

They're all ready and waiting so you don’t spend hours getting lost in Google and hunting around for something to say.

120+ Engagement Questions

Value: £97

Questions are proven to boost engagement - people can’t resist answering! They’re also a wonderful way to engage with your followers, rather than simply making announcements.

By getting more likes, comments and shares, you can increase the organic reach of your posts without paying for ads.

25 Property Listing Templates 

Value: £97

How much time have you wasted on trying to get a seemingly simple post right? Or posted things that never sounded quite how you wanted them to, but you couldn’t find the words?

Now you can forget all that! Simply copy and paste the text and fill in the blanks that match your listing.

12 Success & Testimonial Templates 

Value: £47

Everyone loves success, but no-one loves a  bragger and a boaster.

Now you can share your sales, lets and recommendations in a way that shows appreciation for your existing customers, and helps to win you new ones. 

30+ FAQ Ideas 

Value: £97

Sellers and landlords always have questions, and people only ask questions about what they're interested in.

The Social Media Supercharger includes 30 of the most common questions that sellers and landlords ask estate and letting agents so you can pose them on your channels and answer.


As easy peasy as 1-2-3

  • Instructions: Step-by-step instructions to show you exactly how to plan your posts

  • Directions: Clear directions anyone can follow
  • Templates: text templates for your posts to make it easier to post without wasting time getting stuck for words.
  • All Inclusive: Everything you need to get the results you deserve

Completely customisable to you

  • Google Sheets & Excel: Google Sheets and Excel files that you can save onto your server or cloud. This means that you and your team can access the planner anywhere and make the most of it together.

  • Printable PDF: If you're a pen-and-paper person you can also print whatever pages you want from the PDF version and sketch out any notes or ideas.

More followers, more respect, more instructions

  • Become a local legend: Posting content that people love – content that inspires, informs, educates and engages – is precisely what wins you friends and fans.

  • Boost your exposure: When you produce content that's engaging and sharable, the friends of your followers will see your posts in their newsfeed, putting your name in front of a wider audience.

  • Beat those algorithms: When Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest see your posts being commented on and shared, they will promote your content to more and more new people, increasing your organic reach without paying for ads.

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Start supercharging your social media today and never worry about what to post again.


Get instant access for just £57


 Sharpen your skills

so your social media kills

The Social Media Supercharger will give you so much more than just a year of content. It will give you the tools to develop long-lasting skills to become a complete natural at social media

Everything is delivered digitally, so you can start planning your posts right away.  

Remember to write down the number of followers you have when you start because you’ll certainly have more at the end of your first 60 days.


And double remember - if you’re not filled with delight at the time-savings, feelings of relief and increase in engagement, you’ll get all your money back.


Just over £1 per week

for a whole year of planned content

Get FULL AND IMMEDIATE access to the

Social Media Supercharger for Estate & Letting Agents


Just £57


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s your refund policy? My refund policy is extremely simple. If you don't love the planner and you don't see noticeable results after 60 days of using it, I'll send all your money back.

    All you need to do is email me at hello@paultravers.co.uk and I’ll give you a 100% refund up to 60 days after your purchase. It takes a couple of days to process the refund and it generally takes a few days for payment to hit your account after that. I'll send you an email as soon as the refund has been processed. 
  • What format does the Social Media Supercharger come in? The Social Media Supercharger is a digital product for 21st century estate and letting agents. There's no bulky book or binder to carry around, leave at home or lose.

    Your download pack will include customisable Google Sheets and Excel files that you can save onto your server or cloud. This means that you and your team can access the planner anywhere and make the most of it together.

    If you're a pen and paper person you can also print the PDF version and sketch out any notes or ideas.
  • Will the planner work for all my social media channels? Absolutely! The Social Media Supercharger focuses on the proven principles of content creation - to inspire, educate, inform and engage - and will help you create content for all your social media platforms.


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