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Where to next?

I’ve helped many estate agents with marketing initiatives, positioning exercises and even complete rebrands.

If you’re like most estate agents you have plenty of ideas and aspirations but aren’t sure how to execute them. You might feel you’re not creative enough, or don’t know where to find the right help, or simply don’t have the time.

All of that can often add up to nothing much happening at all, and while the world changes around you, the feeling of being stuck with what you’ve got while really wanting more can be incredibly frustrating.

But you don’t have to do it all, or even know how to do it all. If you’d like to explore new ways of promoting your estate agency, giving your image a lift or nurturing your past, present and future clients, I can help you with that.

Among the many different projects I’ve helped estate agents to realise are:

  • email newsletters and nurturing systems;
  • local guides and magazines both online and in print;
  • website redesign;
  • complete rebrand;
  • social media identity;
  • company brochures and literature;

Whatever you’re looking to improve about the image or positioning of your estate agency, I’ll help you make it a reality.



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