Think of social media as being down the pub.

Lots of different folk, some of whom know each other and some of whom don’t, all gather in the same place for some communal interaction and the feeling of being connected. They get together with friends and acquaintances they share interests with to have – and this is the important part – conversations.

This is where estate agents go wrong with social media. They think it’s there to make constant announcements: Property for sale! Property sold! Another property for sale! Well, no sh*t Sherlock. But is that how you behave when you walk into a pub – scream announcements of your success at absolutely everyone in the room? No, it’s not. (And if it is, please seek help.)

So where do you start?

We suggest picking one social media channel to begin with and then mastering it. Go deep, not wide. But which is the right one for your estate agent?

If you work with property that is particularly photogenic – urban loft apartments; beautiful suburban homes; manor houses; country cottages, etc – then Instagram could well be the social media channel for you. Instagram is mainly about pictures.

With its focus on sharing, Facebook is suitable for neighbourhoods that are particularly sociable and connected, perhaps with lots of families, schools, stay-at-home parents and networks of people.

Finally, if you feel you have lots to say, or are an expert in your neighbourhood or a particular kind of property, Twitter is the place to impart your knowledge.

We’ll help you hone your choice to the most appropriate social media platform for your estate agent and then to make the most of whichever channel – or channels – are chosen. The mission is build your audience through useful, interesting and engaging content that isn’t really about direct financial returns, but instead about generating goodwill and an enhanced reputation.