Let’s get this clear, really quick: marketing is NOT the same thing as advertising. It is easy to confuse the two, but advertising is

Isn’t it just a fancy word for spending mountains of cash with a creative Soho agency on pointless projects that only other marketing agencies care about?

Marketing might well start with your branding and your office, but it extends way beyond logos, colours and typefaces. Everything you say and every action you take is effectively marketing – from what you put in an email, to how you talk to people in person, to whether or not you’re on time for appointments.

In short, marketing is the way you present your business to the outside world. More importantly, the way your business occurs to the outside world.

Marketing can be completely free. After all, it costs nothing to change the way you speak, the way you write, or to improve your punctuality. There are many things a business could improve about itself without spending a penny.

But what about the other stuff? What if you want to draw in new customers? How can you improve the quality of property instructions you have for sale, or the quality of buyers to sell them to? What if you want to occur as the absolute best bet for a homeowner choosing an estate agent, or a client choosing an interior designer, or a purchaser looking for a newly built property?

How do you attract all this to your business?