One of the things I hear most from estate agents is that they have no idea about design. They feel they have nothing to offer the conversation; as though they should have some kind of qualification to be allowed to comment on what they do or do not like.

You can imagine the problems this causes when anyone wants to do anything that requires any sort of design; could be a brochure, a business card or letterhead. Might be the layout of sales details or window cards. Perhaps the design of the company’s brochure or its website or even a full rebrand. All the time I’m told “I don’t know; it’s not my field”.

While I’m all for giving creative people the freedom to express their ideas, I’m also going to assert that estate agents know as much about design as anyone else. You bought a house; you own a car; you’ve decorated; you own a couch and a bed. You probably wear clothes as well and you probably have certain places you like to go, from a pub to a bar to a cafe to restaurant, all of which have been designed. You might like to stay in particular hotels or apartments when you go away. You may be drawn to a particular travel site to book, or to a particular travel agent. You might prefer an iPhone over a Samsung, or a Dell over a Mac. All of these things have been designed, so while you might not think you have good taste, you definitely know what you like.

So don’t put yourself down and don’t dismiss your preferences.