Blogging is by far the best and easiest way to get your search rankings up and to be discovered on Google, Bing or any of the search engines. There really is no better way of being first to be found.

On top of that, a blog can show off your expertise in particular fields, or in particular parts of your market or around current events and topical issues that might concern potential clients. Search engines like Google and Bing rate websites not only on the relevance of their content to someone’s search, but on how regularly websites are updated with new, well-written content. Yes, you get penalised for bad grammar and rewarded for making sense!

So, how often should you blog? I’d say minimum monthly, and better once every couple of weeks. What you’re looking to do is have some regularity to your content so people begin to know what to expect, but also to allow Google, Bing, etc to correctly assess exactly what you’re about and the enquiries you are looking to attract.

That means subjects that are relevant to homeowners and their concerns (presentation advice, seasonal tips, pricing guidance, potential pitfalls, etc) along with keywords that relate to people’s searches and that tell the search engines the services you offer and the expertise you possess. And yes, good grammar all the way. Even people who can’t spell notice spelling mistakes when they’re reading.

If, like almost every estate agent I’ve ever spoken to, you’re concerned about having enough to write about, commit to once a month to begin with and take it from there. The key is not to overload yourself. If you taken on too much, you’ll lose heart rapidly and then you’ll have something even worse than no blog; a crap blog!

Now you know what to do, what could you say today?